Founded by the venerable Monsignor Joseph Gualandi (1826-1907), the Little Mission for the deaf was approved on 15 August 1872 by the Archbishop of Bologna Carlo Luigi Morichini and on 1 May 1903 was recognized by Cardinal Domenico Svampa with the three Wows of poverty, chastity and obedience; the definitive yes of the Vatican Congregation of Religious arrived on 7 October 1963. Deaf oblates who do not take religious vows but make a promise can join the Institute as aggregates.
Today the congregation is present in Italy, Brazil, the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In Rome there is the generalate house and the international student residence, while in Bologna there is the mother house of the congregation with the chapel, the Founder's room and some adjoining rooms. We are also in Florence with a community and have reference points in Catania, Molfetta (Bari), and Badia di Montepiano (Prato).

In Brazil they are in the State of Paranà with two parishes and a formation house; in the city of Londrina is the center of the pastoral care of the deaf with an oratory and a church-sanctuary dedicated to
"Nossa Senhora do Silencio".

In the Philippines, we have a community with a formation house in Cebu City.

And since 2014 the religious are in Butembo, north Kivu of the Congo, where we have a parish and a formation house.