Association Friends of F. Savino

The association "Amici di Padre Savino - Onlus" (Friends of Father Savino) was founded in 1993 by a group of friends of Father Savino Castiglione with the aim of helping children affected by the invisible and very serious deaf disability to receive a school education and to enter into the society where they live. The funds of the Association come from offers from private individuals and from the proceeds of 5x1000.
Currently, the Onlus Association is on the side of the Filipino and Congolese Deaf.

The Remote School Adoptions project, born in 1993, has so far given the chance to 1435 pupils to have access to school education at 50 special schools scattered around the Philippine archipelago.

Who manages the project?
The project is run by Fr. Savino Castiglione, a 12-year missionary among the Filipino Deaf, with the collaboration of a small group of lay friends and some Gualandian confreres.
Why in the Philippines?
· On a population of around 120 million inhabitants, deaf people are around 200,000.
· Only 40% of deaf people, entitled to education, attend special schools.
· Deaf people do not benefit from any kind of assistance from the State.
· In the country, the high school diploma is essential to gain access to the world of work.
Why in the Congo?
In the Congo, according to the FMS, the national percentage of deaf children is 2x1000.
Only 20% of deaf people have access to school education. The state has no assistance program for them.
To whom is it directed?
School adoptions are a gift reserved exclusively for deaf children and illiterate adults who live in situations of poverty.
Father Savino G. Castiglione
(Superior General of the Mission for the Deaf)


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